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Topic outline

  • Program overview

    This expert panel for faculty development & excellence program is aimed at cultivating excellence in teaching and clinical instruction among faculty members specializing in shoulder sports medicine.

    This program aims to equip educators with advanced teaching methodologies, clinical expertise, essential skills, and with the tools necessary for delivering high-quality, globally consistent educational experiences on Smith+Nephew products & technologies.

    Through engaging workshops, interactive discussions, and practical demonstrations, participants will delve into cutting-edge surgical techniques and dissect complex case studies, honing both their clinical acumen and teaching prowess.

    Armed with newfound knowledge, refined teaching skills, and a robust international network of collaborators, participants emerge poised to shape the future of medical education and elevate patient care.

    • Development goals & objectives

      Mastering Teaching Techniques: Develop effective skills and strategies for conveying complex concepts in shoulder sports medicine to diverse audiences. Apply adult learning principles and engage in learner-centered teaching approaches.

      Enhancing Clinical Instruction: Strengthen knowledge and skills in providing hands-on clinical instruction, including case-based learning and practical demonstrations in complex shoulder pathologies utilizing S+N products and technologies.

      Staying Current in the Field: Stay informed and incorporate the latest research, technologies, and trends in shoulder sports medicine including literature reviews and online learning in delivering scientific content.

      Curriculum Development: Design comprehensive educational curricula that align with the latest advancements in shoulder sports medicine. Integrate evidence-based practices and current research findings into curriculum planning.

      Effective Use of Technology: Incorporate cutting-edge educational technologies to enhance the learning experience for both educators and learners. Utilize multimedia tools for effective presentation and communication of complex concepts.

      Cultural Competence: Develop a culturally competent learning environment, where diverse perspectives and backgrounds are respected and integrated into educational practices.

      Assessment and Feedback: Implement robust assessment strategies to gauge learner comprehension and skill acquisition. Provide constructive feedback to facilitate continuous improvement among learners.

      • Attending faculty

        attending faculty