An Educational Pathway - The PICO Implementation Hub

Introducing the PICO Implementation Hub

Helping healthcare professionals (HCPs) protocolise, embed and optimise the use of PICOSingle Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (sNPWT) as the standard of care for people at risk of surgical site complications (SSCs)

The PICO Implementation Hub is a free, on demand online platform designed to educate, equip and empower you.

As well as helping you further develop your own expertise, it provides all the tools you need to embed and optimise the use of PICO sNPWT across your own team and other departments through new pathways and protocols.

The hub contains everything you need to know about PICO sNPWT.

  • Evidence that supports its use, with insights and recommendations from an international panel
  • Tools to help build a business case for wider use of PICO sNPWT in your setting
  • Instructional posters, checklists, pathways and protocols to share quickly and easily with colleagues

You can tailor your experience at every step, reading, watching and sharing content in the order and at a pace which suits you.

PICO sNPWT has been proven to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs by lowering the risk of SSCs.

You’ll already be using – or familiar with – PICO sNPWT, and want to improve your clinical confidence, educate others and encourage wider uptake through new protocols and patient pathways.

The implementation hub focuses on five specialisms, where PICO sNPWT has been proven to have the biggest impact on patient outcomes.

Cardiothoracic surgery
Obstetric surgery
Breast surgery
Abdominal surgery
Orthopaedic surgery

PICO sNPWT Protocol Implementation

All modules in this set must be completed (unless this is an optional set).

Allow at least 1 day(s) to complete this set.

Module name Actions
1. The PICO Implementation Hub Introduces a Consensus Document
2. Best Practice Tools of the PICO Implementation Hub
3. Establishing the Financial Case for Change for Implementation of PICO sNPWT

Surgical Speciality PICO Implementation Hub

Any one module in this set must be completed.

Module name Actions
4. Cardiothoracic Surgery Dept of the PICO Implementation Hub
4. Obstetrics Surgery Dept of the PICO Implementation Hub
4. Orthopaedics Dept of the PICO Implementation Hub
4. Breast Surgery Dept of the PICO Implementation Hub
4. Abdominal Surgery Dept of the PICO Implementation Hub